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A sunny day!

The day is sunny and so is my mood. I got to have quality time with my friends who are spending a year in Guatemala. I know they have a zillion people clamoring for their time while they are briefly back in the States so I'm glad I got a good chunk of that time. We had Indian food and a good, long visit this afternoon. It'll have to do me for several months now.

Now I have a little break before we go to dinner with my in-laws, who are thoroughly nice people that I also enjoy seeing now and again.

Sometime after dinner daveseeker and I are going to drive around and see Christmas lights, which is the only part of the holiday that I like, really. A free show, although a wasteful one, energy-wise.

I have just four more days of work left and then I am free for a month or two before I start job hunting. I have a really good feeling about my job search and know somehow that it will all work out for the best.

Maybe it's that burst of sunlight helping my serotonin levels, but I'm just feeling very happy and optimistic right now. I hope I can sustain this feeling for awhile. It's rare for me to feel this way in the winter.
Tags: becca, friends, job, mood, s.a.d., tom

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