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Sometimes I simply read the most recent livejournal posts from the link on the main page. I run into interesting things, such as this:


They Lied to Me, Too

by James Glaser

I saw a bumper sticker the other day which said "Bush Lied and Our Soldiers Died." I thought back to when I realized that my government had lied to me and that the lives of the 58,000+ Americans killed in Vietnam were lost because of lies.

It didn’t happen right away. I came home from the war and I looked at the peace movement with anger. I was, you might say, still in the jungle. I still knew lots of guys who were counting down their days and I couldn’t believe that young Americans were not joining up to "fight the good fight."

When I got back to the States I still thought we were trying to save the South Vietnamese from the terror of Communism and that if we could get a few good Generals, it would be over in months.

---end quote---

Sound familiar?

Scroll down a bit for that entry, it looks like a good political blog from my quick view. One to keep track of, for sure.
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