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Mafia-Run University?

In California fees at our public university system have gone steadily up, programs have been cut, and yet the administrators line their pockets and the pockets of their friends, family and lovers. A scandal in hiring practices recently rocked the UC system (from which I graduated).

Hiring Scandal

Greenwood Resigns

Faculty Responds to Scandal

From this last page:

Conn Hallinan, lecturer in journalism

'Integrity in hiring? UC? An oxymoron. What happened with Goff and Greenwood is part of a pattern I call "academic corruption." The rationale is that these people could make so much more money working for some private university or private industry. I don't see either beating a path to their doors.

They have well-paid jobs in the nicest state in the union, and we have to give them $70,000 to move 72 miles? We have to invent jobs for their kids or friends? We give them low-interest loans while students burden themselves with crushing debt at high interest in overcrowded classes that make it almost impossible to graduate in four years? We cut programs and services so some kid of a vice provost can get a made-up internship that cost $5,000 less than our entire journalism program?

They are like a mafia that skims off the cream and if need be, offs some programs and plants them in the Jersey swamps or tosses them into the Sound wearing cement overshoes and squeezes the little people.

Transparency? This has happened so many times before that the call for 'more transparency' is like Bush calling for more democracy while he wiretaps your grandmother and does a drive-by on the Constitution.

The corruption is not only at the level of the President's Office, it is part of the structure of the university, and the Regents are no better. The only reason they are annoyed is they got sidelined on all of this. But letting the Regents investigate this all is like recruiting the foxes to find out who has been pinching chickens. This was stealing taxpayers' money, plain and simple. You restore integrity by ending the skull-and-bones style of running a great public university and give it back to the people who send their children there.'
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