Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Windows virus alert

from my company newsletter:

The Sober Worm is back. It's a chameleon-like worm which comes
disguised in any number of email messages -- pretending to be
from the FBI, or from a long-lost friend, or even pretending to
be an anti-virus patch from Microsoft. It only attacks machines
running Windows.

Once the user clicks on an attachment in the email, the worm
invades the user's email system. It makes the computer a "zombie"
which infects other computers. The worm has its own email program,
so the computer's owner won't see anything unusual in the "sent"

The Internet has already been hard hit by this worm for the
past several weeks. Hotmail and MSN's email systems were
stalled by it last week.

On January 5th, 2006, the worm is set to unleash new damage.
Anti-virus gurus have figured out the date, but don't yet
know what new form the worm will take. They're asking folks
to be especially mindful. Details can be found in this article:



Pass the information on!
Tags: computer, virus, windows, worm

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