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Made it through another year!

It's the start of my birthday and I feel happy to have lived through another year, never a certain thing these days. Well, it's not a certain thing for anyone, but I guess heart disease has made me more conscious of it. Or more conscious, period.

I guess I'm starting this new year of my life off right, diving in to taking risks and making big changes in my life. I feel like I've been holding myself back and playing it safe. No more of that, not this year. I'm plunging into the icy water all at once, tearing off that bandaid and howling like a banshee. Can I mix any more metaphors? I'd like to make this post public for a change, so I won't mention by name the big change my friends' list has been reading all about. Not until Monday can I mention that directly in the public sector. It will be liberating to say the least. I've been about to burst with wanting to tell everyone.

Tonight I started an email list for people at my work place, their friends and family, and former employees. Since I've been there 8 years I have seen a lot of people come and go, and I miss many of my former co-workers. I felt like it would be a good social venue to keep in touch with everyone, though the irony of my starting it now doesn't escape me. It's something that I'd been talking to management about doing for awhile now, either a bbs or an email list. I've polled co-workers and several preferred email lists just because they don't have time to log into a bbs all the time. Now that our workplace is spread out between 4 buildings, one of them not even in the same city, it's been harder to maintain our social ties.

So I got the go-ahead to do the email list and I figured no one else would step in and organize it. So however odd it is that I do it right now...well, it's done. My gift to my co-workers and former co-workers, I guess. A positive legacy of sorts. And I'll be the first benefactor, so it's really my birthday gift to myself. If there is one thing that I have realized from heart disease it's that our connection with family and friends is the most important thing.

I hope to connect with all my scattered loved ones this month.

Blessed be--

Tags: birthday, connections, family, friends, love, work

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