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21 November 2005 @ 04:23 pm
In my head  
In my head I'm working out the details for an essay on comparing levels of poverty to life in the middle class. The details are almost worked out. I wish that I also could talk to some people from various levels in the upper middle class and above.

What I'm picturing is talking about how a person in each stratum might deal with acquiring food, transportation, attitudes and beliefs about education, how their class experience affects their outlook and level of optimism, risk taking financially, handling credit, housing situation, etc.

All I know about the upper classes in regard to these things are the stereotypical portayals in movies and tv. I know how often they get it wrong when portraying my class, so I have little confidence in these sources.

I have a lot of writing projects coming to mind with the expectation that soon I'll have a bit of time to actually sit down and write. Maybe I'll be so busy in January that I'll never want to go to work again. ;)

Of course, I know enough about the writing business not to expect instant wealth. That's why I've always kept a day job. For that matter, in recent years I haven't wanted to get into the business end of writing at all. It's become an increasingly frustrating business, more and more commercial in nature. I felt that I'd rather have writing available for free online than to fight with an editor or publisher about what sells.

Since I'll have some time off anyway, I figure why not send some stories out and see what happens. If they never sell I can always put them online. Or maybe gather up enough for a book and self publish.

28 more days to go before I'm free!
Current Mood: excitedexcited