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I went ahead and took a picture of the very large and, in my circle, famous drawing I modeled for. I call it the butt picture, Heather the artist called it, "Tapati Powerful". It's almost life sized. I have shrunk it down to icon size and I don't know how well it will show up on the web. I'm making it the picture for this entry.

I've long since gotten over the idea of people seeing it. Early in its existence it was in a couple of shows. I began to meet people who recognized me from my naked pictures. Gradually I got over my embarrassment and began to see it as a representation of me, but not really me, sort of one step removed. I'm really glad I had the nerve to do it, and that I got to keep that particular drawing. Heather and I worked out an arrangement where we split up the pictures she drew or painted, and it worked out pretty well over time. She was glad to have a model that wasn't stick thin--the usual people willing to sit for student artists.

I really advise anyone working with their body image to try modeling. You can ask around in circles of artists who are likely to be educated about fat oppression to find people who will be respectful of your body. In fact, I advise the same thing for anyone who is going to be in contact with your body, whether it is doctors, massage therapists, or other health professionals.


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