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Small Business Fair

I attended a small business fair today to network with other small business owners and participate in workshops on marketing and finding customers. I spoke to several women about my body image classes and consulting and they were all excited. Some of them remembered Ruah Bull, who used to give such classes in our city, and they all agreed that there was a great need for them that no one is presently filling. So I felt encouraged by the enthusiasm of their response and I also got some names of people to network with. I am planning to refer anyone who needs therapy for issues brought up in my classes to a licensed therapist and I met one tonight that I feel good about. I can do coaching and educating--I am not a therapist. My counseling expertise ends at crisis counseling, which is more like triage. I'm happy to then have the experts take it from there.

But for women who just want some help jump starting their body image journey I feel that I have a lot to offer in consultations. I imagine I could even do some of this by email or phone for anyone out of the area. First I want to work on writing up some support materials and exercises. I can draw upon the classes I've done before and attended myself, but I want to bring in some additional information from my background in Anthropology and my experience with the paradigm behind cognitive therapy. I'm imagining a whole new set of exercises and handouts I can design. It's really exciting. I would love it if this took off to the point where I could simply be my own boss.

I'm still pondering the cost of my classes, how long they should be, whether I should structure them as a series or stand-alone classes (or do some combination of both) and what groups I want to do classes for. So far I have thought of the following types of body image issues that people may have:

issues with the aging process

issues of size (fat, thin, short, tall, etc.)

issues of disability, illness, scars or related body differences

men and body image--men are increasingly pressured now to fit the action hero ideal in the media

transgender, both pre and post surgery

race or ethnicity and body image

I have a lot to think over. If anyone reading this has some feedback about what they'd like to see in a body image class (or series), please feel free to comment!
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