Tapati (tapati) wrote,

personalizing office space

What kinds of things do you use to personalize your office space? How free do you feel to do so? What about symbols of your faith--do you feel free to have something of that nature at your office? Are there any written or unwritten policies on this?

When I was a security guard at Seagate I used to find it fascinating how people personalized their cubes. One woman in particular managed to make hers look like an old fashioned parlor, with lace doilies and plants and a nice rug. Another put cool buttons with various slogans all over her cube wall.

At my workplace I've had an altar for several years now with the encouragement of my employer--one dedicated to bringing in money for the company, in fact. I've also done rituals for the company. I know this isn't typical! But it's been cool. I think normally I would simply have a very small, unobtrusive symbol of my faith along with my family photos.

This subject came up as I looked around and realized what all I had in my office.
Tags: job, office, pagan, symbols, workplace

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