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Losing my focus

Whew! Go back to work and it's like the world comes up to hit you in the face!

Everybody was having a stressful Tuesday back at work after the holiday, and we were short some people too. Things have been going around, stomach bugs and respiratory things, and one of the two was very sick even before the holiday weekend. So everyone was short handed and overworked and the stress got passed around. I had taken Friday off so I had extra work to catch up on, which I only partly managed to get done after a day of steady slogging. I had a headache (like what's new) and was tired from being up until after 4, futzing with my journal style and theme. I must have hit refresh a hundred times. If only decorating my home could be so easy, I'd redo it every day. I love to play with color.

How can we hold on to the stillness in the midst of work and information overload? That is the question of our times--that and when is the oil going to run out so we can stop fighting over it.

I just have to make more quiet time for myself during the week, maybe getting up a bit earlier, sacrilege I know, to start my day off slow and meditative rather than frantic and rushed. How is it that as a devotee I could get up at 3:30 AM to attend a 3 hour morning program of chanting, dancing, and class, but now I can't get up an hour early for either meditation or exercise? I guess A.) I'm older and B.) peer pressure is a powerful force! So where can I find a bunch of people to look down on me if I don't get up earlier in the morning? Any volunteers?

Just to prove I really am getting old, I'm going to bed before midnight tonight. Normally bedtime is...well, the time I used to wake up as a Hare Krishna devotee.
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