Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Part one of vaccination completed

Dave and I got our first COVID vaccination yesterday, took us nearly half the day because we drove to another town an hour away. Those were the first appointments we could register for online. We were also waiting thirty minutes after our shots by their request to be very sure I had no adverse reaction. Felt fine. Took a long nap when I got back and then slept again last night. I'm relaxing today. So far my arm is sore and I had a mild fever with chills, felt tired and had a migraine but one of my meds also gives me migraines and a storm is moving through. Migraine is my destiny.

We go back in 21 days because we got Pfizer. Of course we will continue to wear masks when we go out even after we are fully vaccinated, two weeks after the final shot.
Tags: bio, health, health care, medications, migraine

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