Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Voting is a Life or Death Issue

We are getting a real life lesson in how important our vote is at every level of government. If we don't vote we've allowed other people to decide who is going to manage our local, state and federal response to serious and sometimes life-threatening disasters and threats as well as create and maintain the infrastructure that is necessary to meet these challenges.

Of course our votes should be informed by research. Each voter should go to the candidate's website and check out what they say they're going to do, in detail, about the everyday problems and issues of our town, state, country. That's a start. There will also be opportunities to look into their history if they've held office before or their actions in whatever profession they've pursued before. Observe how they interact with the press and others on the campaign trail. What people do they choose to have around them and what are their reputations?

A lot goes in to evaluating people before voting for them in a thoughtful and informed manner. And it should.

2020 has taught us why. Lives are literally being saved or lost based on action or inaction by elected officials. Don't let other people have all the say in who that is going forward.

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