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12 February 2018 @ 04:23 pm
So weary  
Given my stomach pain I decided to give Dave's doc a try.

He was apparently unhappy that I left another doc and wanted to spend a substantial time discussing old doc and defending both old doc and orthopedic doc's lengthy weight loss lectures. When I tried to bring up stomach pain he said we were out of time and to make a new appointment and seemed to blame me for his next patient being seen late. Oh and he wants to order a thigh bp cuff to get a bp on my upper arm, saying the large cuff is not sufficient and that it's not possible to get an accurate bp on my forearm which he tried to do manually rather than by machine. None of my cardiologists have challenged a forearm bp reading. NO ONE HAS EVER SAID THIS.

Usually I'd try to stick it out and hope the doctor would eventually see the person behind the fat, I don't feel up to that right now. But I don't know what to do about my stomach pain and what I google seems potentially alarming. (This is what it's come to, googling because docs only want to talk about fat.)

I've wondered if I should just go to urgent care. Sitting there during flu season doesn't appeal to me but if it gets worse I may go in.

Somehow I need to find another doctor and now I will have left two primary care physicians in a row so that doesn't look good. It's like going to a job interview after quickly leaving two jobs in a row. Yet I've had PCPs that I've gotten along well with for years. It's not impossible! Just difficult to find them. Nothing about a doc's profile online with their HMO discusses how they approach fat patients--but maybe it should.