Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Can We Trust Our Health Providers With Our Bodies OR Our Health?


"Sarah Grey‏

Replying to @yrfatfriend
I’ve seen doctors mock their fat patients’ bodies behind their backs."

"Ima Teapot

Replying to @GreyEditing @yrfatfriend
It happened to me yrs ago - by a bariatric surgeon just in case anyone thinks they care/are compassionate about you/ur health. I only knew bc my mom was there and overheard. Needless to say I didn’t go thru w/ it. How could I trust him?"

"Lenny Busker 2017
Jan 6
Replying to @GreyEditing @yrfatfriend
this is horrifying. how can we trust our health care providers when we hear shit like this????"

"Stormi St John
Jan 7
We can’t, so we have to be strong advocates for ourselves. Don’t accept ONLY the answer that your weight is the problem and the ONLY Solution is losing it. Research medications and side effects and determine if they are right for you and if not, speak up."

"jess vesh
Jan 6
Replying to @yrfatfriend
I’ve seen more than one person’s mental health concerns being dismissed by their doctor because of their weight."

Tags: bias, doctor, fat, fat phobia, obesity, oppression, prejudice

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