Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Why Prayer Won't Change Trump

All over the internet I see sentiments such as "Give Trump a chance" and "Pray for him to do well."

My faith in prayer is not so robust that I think it will change his plans and ideas and make him more capable, first off, because that would interfere with free will. Donald J. Trump has already told us what he's decided to do with his free will.

I don't WANT him to be a bad president. But if he does the things he planned and swore he'd do, Americans will die. He's already had his staff get rid of the climate change info on the .gov website, as well as the lgbt info and the criminal justice reform info--replaced with a page that seems to indicate that police are supported no matter what they might do because we've been too negative. I guess it's open season on black people pulled over by officers then. I can't let that stand without standing up for vulnerable people and holding officers who use excessive or deadly force accountable.

If he carries out his discriminatory agenda that targets some Americans (Muslims, immigrants and others) I see it as my duty to speak out against what he's planning and putting into action.

He has done nothing but mock and accuse the press of lying (when he lies regularly) and came close to kicking them out of their space in the West Wing to another building. It was people speaking out that nixed that plan for now. At times during his campaign he got his followers so riled up at the press that they felt unsafe and one young woman needed an escort to her car.

It would be awesome if he had an epiphany along the way that he's supposed to honor and protect all Americans including the press. I'd love it if he took responsibility for his sexual predatory behavior. I have seen no evidence that he ever will. He's 70 and unlikely to change.
Tags: activism, police, politics, resist, trump, women

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