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28 October 2014 @ 11:14 pm
Growing Up With Domestic Violence  
If I'd known this back when I had children in an abusive marriage I'd have left sooner.


"A sizable body of research has conclusively proved that childhood domestic violence—either observing or experiencing chronic, uncontrollable violence in the home as a child—causes cognitive and emotional damage that goes much deeper and lasts much longer than we ever previously suspected.

"The chronic exposure to the stress of living in a violent home changes the neural architecture of a child’s developing brain. It significantly impairs regions that are essential for learning, memory, and the regulation of emotions. It actually lowers IQ and slows development.

"In fact, prolonged exposure to domestic violence is no different from what soldiers experience in military combat, but because it’s happening to a child whose brain is still developing, the results are often more traumatic and lasting."

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