Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Moving Saturday!

We spent all day yesterday at our future home, cleaning, moving stuff out, getting our new stove and dishwasher delivery and other prep for Saturday's move. I did some pre-cleaning with serious chemicals to eradicate mold and mineral deposits so today I'm really congested. Tuesday the cleaners will work on making it safer for me to live there by concentrating on the worst of the mold and grime and Friday the carpet, upholstery tile and grout cleaners come. Hoping it is habitable by Saturday! I think some areas will need paint very soon, though, to seal away whatever mold spores burrowed into the painted stucco walls.

I am trying to focus on the coolest aspects like new appliances and vintage light fixtures.


These are in the bedrooms. I scored a vintage Kitchen Aid mixer yesterday, left behind by Dave's grandma Helen. I had just been looking at a chart of the different mixers the day before, trying to figure out why the Artisan was so much more expensive than the Classic. :)

Saturday I did something really stupid and got a mild concussion. OUCH! You would think that being on blood thinners would make me more careful. SMH at myself. At least the ER trip was mercifully brief.
Tags: accident, home, homemaking, homeowning, moving

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