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24 July 2014 @ 09:24 am
Others Who Had The Same Experiences With Kaiser Speak Out  
Therapists, Patients Criticize Kaiser Over Long Delays for Therapy


One Kaiser therapist from a Northern California facility described similar concerns. She wants to remain anonymous out of fear for her job. She is unnerved by the common practice of steering patients into groups instead of individual therapy sessions.

“I feel unethical when I go home at night, and feel really guilty,” she said. “People are suffering, and I fear some of my patients will commit suicide for lack of ongoing treatment, but I’m powerless to treat them because I don’t have return visits available.”

Another therapist who worked at a South Bay Kaiser says she quit her position earlier this year because she considered the treatment of patients there “unethical.”

“Patients that need individual therapy are not getting it,” she said. “We had to tell patients we offer group therapy. … The patients that are the most severely mentally ill are the ones that can’t speak up for themselves, and the ones who get lost in the system. With the Affordable Care Act, we’re seeing more and more of those patients.”

ETA See also http://blogs.kqed.org/stateofhealth/2014/07/01/sonoma-co-supervisor-presses-kaiser-on-mental-health-services/

The controversy picked up steam recently when Zane said she will use the 2011 suicide of her husband while under the care of Kaiser’s Santa Rosa psychiatric department, plus her role in approving Kaiser’s contract with the county, to push for changes.

Zane informed me that she told Kaiser, “I have personal tragedy, political power and a national debate on the failure to provide mental health services all on my side — and I’m going to use all three of them.“