Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Packing, recovering from angioplasty

I finally decided to go ahead with the angiogram and received two stents on the 14th. I spent the night in the hospital and went home the next morning. I packed a bunch before I went in and we've continued at a slower pace since. Dave did a lot in one evening and that kept us on target for our moving day on August 9.

We have hardly had time to do our grieving though I'm sure that settling into Grandpa's house will bring it on. I feel like we did a fair amount of anticipatory grieving as we watched him decline from the kidney cancer. Packing up his house on the weekends with Dave's parents. It's a reminder that someday, someone will do that for me and I shouldn't make them go through things I should get rid of myself.

I got the news today that my daughter is having a boy (third grandson, fourth grandchild). That means my granddaughter will continue to reign supreme over all the boys. :)

Listening to some music while I pack and cook supper.

Tags: dave, death, grief, moving

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