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18 June 2014 @ 03:41 pm
Fatty Archetypes  
http://stacybias.net/2014/06/12-good-fatty-archetypes/ This is brilliant, in my opinion, and demonstrates what happens when a group of people with one characteristic in common--body fat--are stigmatized and marginalized in our society. The basis of prejudice is noticing one characteristic and making assumptions about many other facets of a person without knowing them at all. For example, it is always assumed that fat people are lazy. Other assumptions are that we are greedy, self-indulgent and lacking in willpower. People may also assume they know what and how much we eat.

In response to living in this society, fat people have employed a number of strategies to maintain dignity and self worth. Some of us examine this system we are caught in that tries to de-humanize us and try to change it. Some of us try to conform and win approval. Others push back against stereotypes in a variety of ways. At different points we may have tried all of these things.

This post talks about "good fatties" and "bad fatties" and how our choices fit into our social system. How can we maintain our own dignity without leaving other fat people behind? How can we be "good" fat people without there being "bad" fat people? How can we advocate for simple human worth and dignity for ALL fat people? Because I firmly believe that all people deserve respect and dignity as human beings (which is why cruel and unusual punishment is not supposed to be applied to prisoners).

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