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17 April 2014 @ 04:29 pm
Finishing up Fundraising Prizes  
I confess my mental abilities have suffered during this depression. I initially had some difficulty figuring out who gets what prize. I sent the signed copy of my favorite body image article as soon as I could. Then I bogged down with my list of donors and my inability to function.

I finally found a box for the Kuan Yin trinity. I initially thought it went to one person but realized that in order of donations received there was one person ahead on the list. (SORRY!) But that means she gets a collage and I'll be in touch regarding a subject matter or theme for that. It was initially confusing because three people sent in donations in the same amount, vying for the Kuan Yin prize spot. I finally realized that the only fair thing to do is look at when the donations came in and choose the first of the three. (Yes my brain is S...L...O...W...) I do hope to wrap these up this month.

Initials of prize winners:

1. A.J.
2. V.H.
3. L.T.

Here are the prizes:

Prizes for donors:

1. Super secret advance memoir excerpt that has not been posted anywhere, signed, for top donor.
2. Kuan Yin trinity statue for second highest donor. This is wooden and has two folding doors that open up to display the trinity.
3. Personal collage made specifically for you for third highest donor--or a personalized poem if you'd prefer.

All donors: Signed copy of previously published piece. (sent)