Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Boosting the Signal: Fundraiser for Homeless Woman

via Cristina Deptula

Hi Facebook friends, I am coming to you with a request. A very close and dear friend of mine, a mother of two children and caregiver to nieces and nephews, has just been evicted from her Solano County rental home. The sheriff is locking her and her elderly husband out today and they will spend the night in the park with their two dogs (registered and trained service animals for her narcolepsy, who keep her from falling asleep and falling down as she walks). She is disabled but works from home whenever possible. She was paying rent on time until her illness worsened. She was working with a legal service to fight her eviction, which gave her an extra couple months but drained her cash. She has no car and has lost all of her belongings. She does not have relatives or friends who can take her in (I gladly would, but I live with family in a small trailer out of town).

Anyway, what she's asking for is to be able to keep her cellphone so she can call for help in an emergency and let people know that she's okay. Her children's phones are also connected to hers, on a family plan, so they will lose their phones if she does, and they are using them to look for work and help the family. She's behind on her bill and needs to pay $500 to avoid disconnection.

I have helped her as much as I can afford to this month and will now offer resume editing, writing coaching, and other professional services to anyone who can donate to assist her. I am thinking that several people could all contribute small amounts and we could get the bill taken care of for her? Being homeless is bad enough, especially when you're sick, without being isolated from everyone as well. Her PayPal address is kristieskids@live.com Thank you so much, and enjoy the holiday weekend!
Tags: disability, homeless, homelessness, poverty

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