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Maintaining Friendships With Chronic Illness and Pain

Here are some articles that deal with being a good friend to someone who is chronically ill and in pain, effective listening skills, and how the person with pain can handle some issues with friends.





http://www.chronicpainresource.org/14.html Excerpt: Second injury is when people around you are not living in your physical existence. Things people say or do can cause enormous emotional pain. After I broke my femur a second time, I really was having trouble and in pain. The plate in my leg broke which broke my femur again and I had to endure another femur surgery within a nine month period; and I had just been diagnosed with breast cancer. There was one day I was having a difficult time and someone said “stop complaining at least you’re not Christopher Reeve.” I know Christopher Reeve and his family must have had a terrible time, but it was about me and having someone understand my struggle during that moment.



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