Tapati (tapati) wrote,

There's a Word That Rhymes With Duck

I kind of didn't want to waste my energy on this Duck Dynasty thing but you can't escape it. People are blathering on about free speech. Free speech is something our government owes us, not our employer. If you publicly speak in such a way that your employer fears being associated with your hateful words, they have a right to fire you.

An associated thing I've seen is that LGBT folks who express that people who agree with or defend this guy may as well unfriend them are met with resistance by those who feel we should all continue to interact with bigots to educate them.

While all of us who are LGBT (or black) would like to magically educate everyone, we also have to take care of our own mental health. We are not obligated to make ourselves available to everyone at all times to provide free lessons in tolerance. (This is true for all other marginalized people as well.) People with bigoted attitudes about anything, be it race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability--what have you--can expend some energy to educate themselves by reading the many excellent books and internet articles on these subjects. If someone wishes to remain bigoted, we can talk until we're blue in the face and not change their hearts or minds. Some people want to hold tight to their beliefs out of fear of change, fear of not being on the top of the social order, or for fear that they'll find out something about themselves that they aren't ready to face. There's a saying in the recovery community: "You didn't cause it; you can't cure it." Sad but true.

Now if someone wants to PAY us for a seminar, we can negotiate.
Tags: bias, freedom of speech, homophobia, lgbt, prejudice, racism

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