Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Last Day of Therapy Fundraiser

Update: total raised as of Oct 28 is $440.00 from 10 donors, $60 more will make enough for five total therapy appointments. Recognizing that potential donors will need money for their holiday shopping, I plan to resume fundraising in January at some point. This last $60 would provide funds toward an early January therapy appointment. (The first half of every month all of our income goes to rent.) Each appointment is $100.00 which is a discounted price offered by my therapist, Craig Clark. His expertise in trauma, abuse and abandonment has been invaluable to me since I have that history on top of chronic pain.

I was hoping to get weekly therapy sessions--I tend to backslide into suicidal thoughts and plans when there is a longer interval--but any amount towards more sessions is a blessing and much appreciated. I can supply copies of my receipts to anyone who would like to see them and assure themselves that these funds are going to therapy.

More info about why my HMO is not providing this therapy, why I need it and how my challenge of their policy failed: http://tapati.livejournal.com/748552.html

Prizes for donors:

1. Super secret advance memoir excerpt that has not been posted anywhere, signed, for top donor.
2. Kuan Yin trinity statue for second highest donor. This is wooden and has two folding doors that open up to display the trinity.
3. Personal collage made specifically for you for third highest donor--or a personalized poem if you'd prefer.

All donors: Signed copy of previously published piece.

This year friends and family are urged to contribute to this fund as my birthday present since my birthday is coming soon.
Tags: depression, health care, mental illness, suicidal, suicide, suicide prevention, therapist, therapy

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