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12 November 2013 @ 05:46 pm
Agents of Y.A.W.N.  
Dave is catching up on an Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episode I'd already watched and we are chatting about how utterly boring this show is. I think it is inexcusable given the fascinating universe of the comics/movies. We're talking about what we expected from the show. While no one I know thought the A-list Avengers super heroes would be in the show, I think everyone thought there'd be SOMEONE with super powers on the team or as a regular character, probably multiple people with extra abilities. And while Agent Coulson was pretty cool as a nerdy-looking foil against a backdrop of flamboyant characters like Iron Man and the Hulk, and had a wonderfully heroic death, on this team he is just another boring guy with a bit of interest regarding how he came back to life (clone?). They squandered the suspense of Skye and her subversive spying so she's been rendered fairly boring now. There is no rationale for the perpetually flying plane and it's a fairly boring set. I also see no sign that they live in a world that must be effing terrified after what happened in New York. There have been a few references to it but no obvious fear behind it.

Sci fi fans are comparing this in our heads to other series that dealt with mutations, fringe science or aliens, such as Fringe, Alias, Alphas, Torchwood--hell even Prey back in the 90s did better than this. I realize Joss Whedon is not involved in the day-to-day work but any one of his other shows were far more entertaining than this so perhaps he should be. Sleepy Hollow is kicking its butt as one of the best new Fantasy/Sci Fi shows of the season.

ETA: Being on the West Coast I haven't seen tonight's episode which the twitterverse seems to be excited about. But one episode won't save them--they'd have to up their game consistently.