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06 November 2013 @ 01:55 am
For Sale--To Raise Funds for my Psychotherapy  
Reply here: https://www.facebook.com/santacruzexpat/posts/10201529971225661

1) Fuji Finepix S4830 digital camera with case and 32 gig SD card,
2) Dell Optiplex GX520,
3) Blackberry Curve,
4) Apple Isight camera,
5) AT&T TL7600 bluetooth headset (for cordless AT&T phones)
6) Remington Men's cordless shaver

The Fuji was a controversial purchase on credit, a present for me, which I pointed out was not something I needed as much as therapy and not for credit. He tried to return it but it was just 3 days past their 15 day cut off point. We loaded batteries and memory card, took two pics, and that was the extent of our use. It's all ready for a good home and looks to be a damned good medium range camera--better than the inexpensive point and shoot (though it does have that feature) with more versatility and the ability to add different lenses. If I didn't need therapy more I'd keep it. Memory card and carrying case (red) included. You can also contact David through twitter: https://twitter.com/santacruz_expat and his craigslist ad is at http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/pho/4172363060.html

When I can find the manual we'll be selling my unused fondue set as well.

Fuji camera and case