Tapati (tapati) wrote,

The Good Saint Russell

Regarding the Russell Brand video going around, I'm not arguing that the video shouldn't be discussed, viewed or disseminated. By all means, these are ideas that should be discussed. But I am seeing a lot of unqualified Russell Brand love going around and I think it's worth while to point out that his thinking has its blind spots that are a function of his privilege in the current cultural paradigm. He can't really change his consciousness until he recognizes and addresses that. I see him behaving in sexist and classist ways and I hope that he is willing to listen to those who publicly address his behavior and the unconscious attitudes behind it.

I feel that I have to especially address this not-voting concept because we already have so many people not voting and it hurts people very directly. I think it's possible to have a consciousness revolution while being conscious of the current needs of the most vulnerable members of society at a time when food stamps are being sharply cut and the needs of poor, elderly and disabled people are threatened by Tea Party thinking. Any revolution needs to be intersectional in nature. A true revolution will address privilege, colonization, classism, ableism, sexism and racism (to name a few).

Tags: ableism, celebrities, classism, food stamps, poverty, privilege, racism, sexism, vote

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