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Working Class People Carry Us

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This is the very point I keep trying to make. All the people who say, for example, that if an area is too expensive to rent in poor people should just move don't seem to understand who washes their dishes in restaurants and who works as their cashier or takes care of the elderly as chore workers and so on. Society DEPENDS on poor people to be desperate enough to do thankless and often backbreaking work and then spits in their faces if their wages are so low they need food stamps. That's classism at its worst.

I heard someone break into an anti-undocumented worker rant and as he would up to list what "they do" to us I interrupted and said, "They make our produce affordable. They make it possible for us to eat fruits and veggies that would rot in the fields if people who were born and raised here were asked to do it, and they do this backbreaking work at below minimum wage."

I cited the rotting peaches in Georgia because even when they raised wages they couldn't find workers to pick them.

Once upon a time honest hard-working people were respected in this country but now they are viewed as losers if they couldn't afford to go to college. Minimum wage didn't keep pace with inflation but people act like it's an imposition to bring it up where it ought to be. When did we become a society of selfish people? Studies and comparisons to other countries show that our goods and services would cost very slightly more if workers were paid a living wage. It wouldn't break our budget and people who do the jobs we depend on could afford a decent apartment and food on the table. Please let your representatives know you support raising the minimum wage.
Tags: classism, finance, poverty, work

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