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28 October 2013 @ 10:58 am
Psychotherapy Fundraiser Continues Through November 20  
I've been struggling with suicidal thoughts, feelings, even plans and after fighting my HMO (Kaiser) and losing, I have to fund weekly therapy myself. So far I've been able to have sessions every two weeks which is not quite enough as I gradually fall back into despair during the long interval in between. We have funds for one session per month out of our own tight budget.

Prizes for donors:

1. Super secret advance memoir excerpt that has not been posted anywhere, signed, for top donor. Your eyes will be the first to see it besides my own.
2. Kuan Yin trinity statue for second highest donor. This is wooden and has two folding doors that open up to display the trinity.
3. Personal collage made specifically for you for third highest donor. If that doesn't appeal, we can negotiate a piece of writing or other like prize.

All donors: Signed copy of previously published piece about how I ended up doing nude modeling for artists.

Fundraising update: Total as of Oct 28 is $430.00 from 9 donors, I've already had one therapy appointment with funds from your donations. I have another scheduled Nov. 4th. Nov. 18 will be paid for from our funds and donations will cover early December's appointment. This round of fundraising will end November 20 at midnight and I'm hoping I can raise enough for sessions in late Dec/early January. If I still need extra therapy appointments the next round would start mid-January with new prizes. Those smaller donations have added up to $80, nearly enough for one session so yes, $5.00, $10.00 or $15.00 does matter!

ETA: Current total is $440.00, $60 more will make enough for five total therapy appointments. I slacked on posting this link in social media (I hate this online begging so much) so I'm going to make one last push this week. I'm far more comfortable contributing to things like this, as I have in the past, than in asking for donations for myself. I think most of us feel this way.

More information about why I'm doing this: http://tapati.livejournal.com/748552.html