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22 October 2013 @ 08:35 pm
Psychotherapy Fundraiser Update  
I had my first sponsored therapy session yesterday, which was very welcome indeed since it had been a month since my last appointment. So far I have received donations that will cover 3 appointments and a start towards a 4th. Added to the one per month we can afford on our own that takes me into early December at the rate of every two weeks (which is still better than once per month). It's the long interval being alone with my mind that I need to avoid. My next appointment is November 4th, and then 18th. I haven't made the December appointments yet but I will try to schedule in early and mid December.

I'm guessing that the holidays will be a slow time to do fundraising so I think I will stop pushing after Nov. 20th, divvy up the prizes, and resume fundraising in January. That will give me some time to think of other prizes I can offer then. Meanwhile I am hoping to get my regular medications stocked up while I have Kaiser's medical financial aid that covers my copays (one of the good things about Kaiser, to be fair) so when I switch insurers and lose that I will have a head start on medications I need most. I recognize that my physical care may have to suffer a bit to get mental health care unless ACA has lowered copays for available insurers. We are stuck with whatever my husband's employer offers next July but they've said they're going to be looking for good deals. Fingers crossed!

I deeply appreciate the generosity of each and every one of you who has contributed or passed on the link to your friends and followers here and on FB or Twitter. Some of those shares have led to people who don't even know me contributing to my care. I am humbled and amazed by this.

I forgot to ask for one but I will get receipts from my therapist, Craig Clark, MFT, and post photos of them for accountability. I want to show good faith and be as transparent as possible.

Prizes for donors:

1. Super secret advance memoir excerpt that has not been posted anywhere, signed, for top donor.
2. Kuan Yin trinity statue for second highest donor. This is wooden and has two folding doors that open up to display the trinity.
3. Personal collage made specifically for you for third highest donor.

All donors: Signed copy of previously published piece.