Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Fake Geek

The only way anyone at a geek-themed convention could be fake is if they made a fake convention badge and didn’t pay to get in. Last time I checked, money paid by women and girls was just as real as that paid by men. (Or are there notorious women-only counterfeit rings I don’t know about?)

I’m sure if we could quiz every man at a convention we’d find gaps in their geek knowledge. No one could know everything in every genre of geekdom and ever book, comic or episode.

To the extent that we buy into the notion that there is some approved level of knowledge that is required to be a “real” geek, we’ll be hooked into defending ourselves or listing everything we know. Don’t play that game. We have no need to prove anything and men don’t hold the keys to the geek kingdom. We know we’re geeks and the kids who harassed us in school damn sure knew it.

You don’t even have to be a geek to be at a convention. You just have to pay admission. You don’t have to pay again by fighting with the troll under the bridge.
Tags: fantasy, geek, sci fi, sexism, women

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