Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Author Shannon Barber Offering Downloads of Her Work

No catch, pay if you can, free if you can't.

Shannon needs some serious dental work and is reluctant to do fund raising for it (so many wonderful women I know feel this way). A bunch of her friends--like me--pressed her to do it anyway. She also knows what it's like to be broke, hence the free if you can't pay provision. There is a donation button. If you get them free, you can always come back and donate a few dollars when you get paid or receive a windfall.

Here's the link: http://shannon-writes.net/downloads.html

I love her stuff and on her main page at shannon-writes there are links to many of her published works. Pagans will love her short story about Calling Oshun. Check her out!
Tags: fiction, finances, goddess, health care, money, writers, writing

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