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Follow up on Sci Fi Con Harassment

Additional links related to Elise Matrhesen's post

John Scalzi: http://whatever.scalzi.com/2013/06/28/reporting-harassment-at-a-convention-a-first-person-how-to/

It hit a Jezebel forum: http://groupthink.jezebel.com/sexual-harassment-in-the-sci-fi-community-614177379 and in that post the author added a link incorrectly so I'll put it here because it is a very interesting post with accounts of many stomach-churning incidents at cons:


Cherie Priest: http://www.cheriepriest.com/2013/06/28/maybe-its-just-us/

WisCon is soliciting comments or reports from the recent or previous conventions:

I am a co-chair for WisCon 38. If anyone would like to comment privately to the co-chairs on this topic, you are welcome to email chair@wiscon.info If you would like to make a formal report of a prior incident at a past WisCon, I can put you in touch with our Safety team. –
Piglet Evans, chair@wiscon.info
WisCon 38 co-chair

This is well on its way to going viral so I hope Tor is finally motivated to do something about James Frenkel. He's basically been able to operate without any consequences whatsoever up to this point. That has to stop. It saddens me that women going to sci fi conventions have been forced to just PLAN to potentially BE HARASSED and create their own safety nets.
Tags: rape culture, sci fi, science fiction, sexual harassment, women

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