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Help to put a TARDIS Earth's orbit for the 50th Anniversary year...

Originally posted by jaded_jamie at Help to put a TARDIS Earth's orbit for the 50th Anniversary year...
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You can help put a TARDIS into orbit
to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who

The 50th anniversary special of Doctor Who will be momentous, what with the return of David Tennant and Matt Smith’s penultimate appearance in the lead role.

But that’s not the only celebration of the Doctor scheduled for the big anniversary.

A father/daughter team of engineering-inclined Whovians designed a light-weight TARDIS and plan to launch it into space via commercial rocket, with the aim of having it orbit the earth in perpetuity.

They’re very detail-oriented—heading off pedants by noting they replaced the usual frosted glass window panes with solar panels, which power the light on top and a camera to take pictures of Earth.

Since launching a rocket into space is, you know, kind of expensive, they’ve started a kickstart campaign in the hope that fellow Doctor Who fans will put up over $30,000 to put a flying phone booth in the same level of orbit as the International Space Station, so that somehow, someway, an astronaut could look out a window and say, “Hey look, there’s a little phone booth outside!”

[ Includes video ]


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