Tapati (tapati) wrote,

No Tornado Shelters for Many

Many people who live in tornado-prone areas do not have shelters, neither as part of their homes (trailers, apartments) or in their city or neighborhoods. So when you see people asking "Why didn't they get to shelter?" please inform them that we need to figure out a way to provide such shelter. If we can require earthquake standards for new builds in CA, we can require shelters be a part of any new apartment building, home or trailer court. We could make neighborhood shelters a priority and here's an idea, why don't we start making corporations pay their full taxes to help fund it? But don't blame people who had no shelter for not getting to one. Our warning system is not the problem.

I am reminded of the poor people who had no cars to evacuate before Katrina and how we failed to provide enough transportation for them. In any disaster it is the poor people who suffer the most. But in tornado alley, even many middle class people have no shelters, cannot afford to build one, and cities are not providing them either (because they don't have the funds).

Here is one example of a city addressing questions about shelter and why they can't provide it: http://www.ci.norman.ok.us/sites/default/files/WebFM/Norman/City%20Manager/Shelter%20FAQ.pdf
Tags: death, disaster, poverty, safety

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