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Author Fran Varian Medical Treatment Fundraiser

I first encountered Frances Varian's work in Without A Net, an anthology of working class women writing about their lives. "Ah," I thought, "I don't need to write my book because they've already done it." I posted that thought on Livejournal and Fran herself responded by encouraging me to keep writing. Oh mom, do I have to? Yes, yes I do. I didn't know at that time that Fran had been living with Lyme disease and co-infection for years and was seriously ill. Yet she took time to encourage someone she didn't even know. That's the kind of person she is.

She rarely asks for help even though she was completely uninsured through most of these years and is under-insured to this day. Once every few years there will be a fundraising effort in an understated, quiet way. Lately she is fighting the chronic co-infection Q fever which has damaged her heart already. As a heart patient myself, with a damaged heart, I know how terrifying that can be. She's not even hoping for enough to do the kind of treatment that might cure that infection--too expensive, she says. She just wants to hold it at bay long enough to finish a book about women and our sad, broken health care system. She would like to buy some time. Fran and two of her friends with Lyme Disease have combined their efforts this month to raise funds on indiegogo. It's also Lyme Disease Awareness Month. Any donations will be greatly appreciated. We are putting together prizes as well for various levels of donation so look for updates.
Tags: friends, health care, lyme disease, medications, poverty, writers

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