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27 February 2013 @ 08:27 pm
I'm weary of comedians who think sexist/racist/homophobic/fatphobic etc jokes are "edgy" and they are so brave to make them. Dudes, everybody is making sexist/racist/homophobic/fatphobic/classist/ableist etc jokes. You're running with the herd, not being brave. Of course you don't realize this because you're white, straight, able-bodied dudes and no one is directing these "jokes" at YOU. It just gets so old and call me a crazed feminazi but jokes about "boobs" in a rape scene aren't appropriate for a nine year old girl.

This type of humor is lazy comedy. It doesn't take much thought to come up with the fat joke, the boob joke, the racist joke. We all grew up on a steady diet of jokes like that. Put a little thought into it, guys, instead of this childish knee jerk reaction to "pc." You're like stubborn little boys who don't want to give in to Mommy's rules about bad language so you tell yourself you are brave and free. I guess being an asshole and racist and sexist jerk is a kind of freedom but is it a freedom really worth fighting for? Wouldn't you rather use your freedom to subvert the dominant paradigm in clever ways? Wouldn't you rather challenge people to think?

The thing is, I LOVE humor and comedy when it's clever and witty and thoughtful. George Carlin did some amazing work on the language we use. Political correctness isn't the straitjacket. Patriarchy, racial dominance, classism, THOSE are straitjackets. You are limited by them.
[I originally posted this on twitter]