Tapati (tapati) wrote,

RIP, Absent

Pagans 'round the internet know the name "Absent" who passed away February 16th. I can't begin to talk about my feelings so I'll just refer you to her livejournal: http://absentmindedcan.livejournal.com/

I'd like to also include something she wrote in 2010.

Sep. 26th, 2010

9:47 PM

The first breath I took was laboured and slow
The second took too long to come
Forced air and bright lights made everything glow
Warm Hands and Deep Voice took me home

Deep Voice and Warm Hands sang me into life
They carried me 'til I could run
They helped me bear pain and saved me from strife
And kept me from coming undone

They taught me to listen and taught me to hear
They taught me to think and to feel
To love the absurd and examine the fear
To draw on the Deep Place, to heal

I knew in my heart, way back at the start
That I wanted to go 'round again

I grew and I ran and I sang and I wept
I loved and I learned and I played
I met with the Deep and the Wise and Inept
And once in a while I prayed

Then storms came, and tempests, and I almost died
I knew that my base was unsound
There was no-one to fight, and none on my side
And the knots of my life came unbound

I sought out the Old Ones and offered their price
Took comfort in service and prayer
I tried to be solemn, and followed advice
To leave my own voice in their care

I lowered my head, and begged as I said,
Please, may I go 'round again

Death took too long to ask me to dance
The first one was only a tease
I sought my escape from Dear Fate Love and Chance
They smiled as they signed my release

I went back to the world and I lived in the light
I laughed and took joy once again
I used freely the Magic and saw with the Sight
And held the divine in my hand

Warm Hands has passed on, I see her in dreams
Deep Voice says it's time to let go
I feel for their power and sometimes it seems
Like part of my own endless flow

So take heart my friends, and watch out my foes
I am GOING to go 'round again

Absent - September, 2010
Tags: death, friends, pagan, spirit

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