Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Interactions Across Class Boundaries

I am soliciting comments about relating to people who grew up with a different class background or may still be in a different socioeconomic class than yourself. I have had such friendships but only from the perspective of the one in the lower class-status. I'd like to hear perspectives from both sides. It has always seemed to me that while we might read about cross-cultural experiences regarding race and ethnicity we don't talk much about class. There are cultural differences along class lines and if we never talk about them openly I think it makes it more difficult to deal with issues that come up in our friendships and other relationships (landlords, bosses, employees, etc).

Things I've noticed coming up are conflicts about sharing meals out (different ideas about price of venue, how to share a check), gift giving, how to share food in a housemate situation, ideas about vacations and travel, and with my spouse different expectations about handling finances and different levels of security about food. With landlords I would hear disparaging remarks about my furniture and my car that clearly came from a class bias. I've also had upper-middle class friends want to give me money and not understanding why I refused. I can only imagine that was frustrating for them because they knew I needed funds for food at the time.

Unless you specify otherwise any quotes will be attributed to you by LJ username. Thanks!
Tags: class issues, classism, culture, friends

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