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25 October 2005 @ 07:16 pm
Is Fitzgerald a big tease?  
The country is holding its collective breath as Fitzgerald is waiting up to the last minute, seemingly, to announce whether or not indictments are forthcoming.

I do have to say it's amusing to watch the pundits spin themselves dizzy over it all.

I can't help having the feeling that after slogging through all of his hard work, Fitzgerald enjoys watching his potential indictees sweat.

I'm sure somewhere there's a betting pool on how many indictments and who. Scooter Libby tops my list, followed closely by Karl Rove. Why do I feel that there will be at least one more name alongside theirs? I don't know but I do. If I had to bet, I'd also bet that there will be one indictment on the direct charge of leaking classified information/revealing the name of a covert operative in addition to some perjury or obstruction charges.

If there are no indictments at all I will be truly surprised and conclude there really is no justice in this world.