Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Deep Thoughts At The ER

On the way to the ER last night we were chatting about Romney's health care solution for poor people (contradicting himself, btw) of "they call an ambulance and go to the ER." That SUCKS. I'm ok, it was a mellow trip, and it still sucked. My right foot either has a clot causing pain or developing cellulitis. Got pain meds, need more tests in a couple of days. They even got IV on first try (rare). I still wouldn't recommend the ER as the only way we treat poor people. If I were poor, I couldn't "follow up" with "my doctor." If I were poor I'd be DEAD by now because my heart disease wouldn't have been treated other than emergency measures to open my arteries. Without the regular meds I take I'd have gone into complete heart failure within days. Not having health insurance KILLS PEOPLE, MANY more people than any terrorist attacks will ever kill. As long as some people believe poor people are not "entitled" to health care, poor people will die if the anti-health care candidate wins. It means a lot more to you if you know one or more of those people who died without health care, I guess.

But even if you don't care about poor people or know any, ER visits as primary care drives up our costs. It's why your health care premiums and copays keep going up as well as the cost to your employer. It's why less businesses can offer health insurance. If Romney wins and really does do away with the ACA (Obamacare) we are stuck with that. Oh and young adults who got covered under parents' policies will lose their health care.

Or, as Samuel Jackson says, Wake the Fuck Up! http://wtfu2012.com/#.UGSNE1zvQ-Y.twitter

I know my regular readers understand all of this. :)
Tags: health, health care, laws, politics

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