Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Ms. Grinch Won't Sell Sweets to Poor Kids

No treats for you! Farmers Market vender won't take food stamp card.

The Boston Herald poll results: Should welfare recipients be allowed to use EBT cards to buy gourmet treats?

Yes, we all crave sweets 9%
No way, you have to draw the line somewhere 66%
I'm against EBT and Food stamps altogether 26%

So basically, 26% think poor people and their kids should just starve and another 66% think they should live on a spartan diet--even the children. No treats for you! Not even once a month! These people aren't railing against the death and destruction their tax dollars go towards, or the corporate welfare known as subsidies. No, their outrage is reserved for poor people who might have a single moment of pleasure with their tax pennies.

Snarky version at Wonkette (language warning): http://wonkette.com/481332/business-booming-for-hero-baker-who-tells-gross-food-stamp-families-to-beat-it
Tags: children, ebt, food, food stamps, poverty, republicans

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