Tapati (tapati) wrote,

White Privilege: It's What You're Soaking In

Some really clueless white people believe they are victims of racism more than black people in America.

Absurd, I know. But what they don't seem to do in this study is separate out the concepts of prejudice (or bias) from institutionalized racism where those acting it out have power and wealth and privilege on their side, as in people who have the power to hire and fire, rent or not rent an apartment, approve your college application or deny it, pull you over for being "suspicious" or not, and so on.

That some white people think they are more affected by racism or prejudice at all is a measure of their lack of awareness of what black people actually do experience on a day to day basis. When was the last time my white readers were followed through a department store or pulled over by a cop to have their car insurance verified? Or had an employer or prospective landlord tell them over the phone that there was a vacancy but when they showed up were told it was just filled. While a black person can choose not to like white folks, he or she is rarely in a position of power over them that would enable actual discrimination to occur. In those cases where a black person is a business owner or landlord, you can bet he or she is under scrutiny in their dealings with white people. Heaven help them if they discriminate in any way!
Tags: prejudice, racism

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