Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Fat as a Metaphor

Yesterday I had to UN-like an otherwise cool liberal page on Facebook for using a grotesque picture* of a fat person's butt to make their political point. It is all too common that a group of people who take care not to make racist statements or other types of bigoted statements will not hesitate to make fat people the butt of their jokes (literally). The notion is that only the "other side" has "grotesque" fat people because...well I don't know exactly why. Because it fits in with the stereotypes about fat people being stupid and whoever doesn't agree with us is supposed to be stupid? Whatever. I just wanted to make the point that fat is a feminist and liberal issue too, and dehumanizing fat people--or any people--is not a liberal value.

It is the season for political cartoons and humor, and that's fine. Let's put some thought into it, though, and stop resorting to hurtful stereotypes for a cheap joke. That should be beneath us.

ETA: that is how it was portrayed, a photo of a large person (a woman I guess) on a scooter from behind at a very close angle, we were meant to be disgusted and equate the image with ignorance and being "low class." [Yes there is classism involved as well.]
Tags: body image, fat, fat acceptance, fat phobia, prejudice, size acceptance

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