Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Clips from 1978 TV Movie Battered (Trigger Warning)

I watched this when I was a battered wife myself, back in 1978. It had quite a cast--LeVar Burton (Roots, Star Trek: TNG), Karen Grassle (Little House on the Prairie), Mike Farrell (MASH), Joan Blondell, Diana Scarwid, and it was one of the very early representations of domestic violence. At the time there were few women's shelters in the country. (Consider that the Violence Against Women Act was only passed in 1994.) The legal system wasn't very helpful back then, as one of these clips shows. A police officer is basically saying there's nothing much he can do and that she has to make a citizen's arrest. I know I felt after watching it that calling the police wouldn't help me much.

Battered portrayed 4 women in abusive relationships from different segments of society. that in itself was ground-breaking because if people thought about domestic violence back then at all, they assumed it only happened in working class families or between people of color, but this shows a white lawyer beating his wife too.




My searches reflect a theater release on the same subject with the same name and year featuring Sally Struthers and Dennis Weaver. I've never seen that one.
Tags: batterers, domestic violence, laws, lawyer, sexism, tv, violence, wife beating, women

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