Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Life Suddenly Throws a Curveball

Dave was just in an accident on his way over Hwy 17, went into the embankment and rolled, no other vehicles involved. He is at the ER getting checked out but appears to be mostly ok, ppl who saw it said he was lucky to walk away & should play lottery. Left shoulder aches and had a bit of glass in forehead. He's at Dominican right now & will need ride home. I offered to come get him, his parents car is not very reliable. We'll see.


The doc checked my husband out, made sure he wasn't bleeding internally, got a urine test (no blood) and they are going to clean him up a bit and let him go. He is getting a ride from his client (he was headed over to Santa Cruz to do computer work for her). We'll figure out what to do about his wrecked car later. There are a few things in it and we'll probably have to get it hauled to a junkyard.

Thankful he's alive and anxious to see him and check him out myself.

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Tags: accident, car, dave, gratitude, health, love, marriage

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