Tapati (tapati) wrote,

As If We Needed Proof

Chris Brown still has an obvious anger management problem. Dear Chris: I don't know in what universe it is ok to steal a fan's iPhone because (gasp) they dared to take a pic of you sitting in your car. It's not like she busted out a telephoto lens and caught you naked in your house or back yard.



Crime Chris Brown is being charged with and possible penalties.

The fact that he also addressed her as "Bitch..." speaks volumes about the attitude he still has towards any woman who pisses him off. Get more help, for Goddess' sake. I imagine it will be a part of what is required for his sentence. His previous probation is likely to be revoked as well. This is a class 3 felony charge. I can't imagine what he was thinking because I thought everyone knew that you can't get away with committing a crime while on probation.
Tags: abuse, anger, chris brown, crime, dv, sexism

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