Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Good for a laugh

Oh this Kalki, so funny. When he pisses off a whole bunch of people and they express it, well, this is how he characterizes their response:

I see that you believe in gang wars which is what disturbed the sanctity of GR in the first place. I have a lot of good things to say about others. You have little right to ask me to be quiet seeing that i have been way more active than you in the past months more recently. If you have something good to say to me, that would be a better introduction.

I can't help it that the members that I have argued against started a war with me for no reason at all. Sorry but i don't subscribe to abuse and I am bound to answer to these people. Why do you want me to back down? I have no specific qualm with you so i see little reason for you to start it up with me.

Your condemanation of me is very innaccurate. You are acting like a fascist executioner or a blood hungry public that wants to see a black man die for the wrongs of the white oppressor. Why don't you believe in meaningful diaglogue and resolution? I believe in those things and it is why I approached those people with complaints. I can't help it that they want to wallow in denial and throw bad comments at me and I answer them. You should check if what they have said to me was any worse.

It is clear to me that the controllers of this board want an in house club only that can control the speech of others. This is pure totalitarianism at its finest. But it is a system that is bound to failure.

To respect your wishes that I speak less for the time that i am here, I would request you not to attack me further for no reason or cause so that i don't have to respond. Also I request that you leave my arguments to another person to that person so that we don't have a gang war. I don't respond to gang pressure and you are only making the resolution further away which tells me that you don't believe in resolution. So I suppose I can rightly assume that the members who had firstly assaulted me and i answered back are pettioning you and Bhakti for support and perhaps because they no they are wrong for assaulting me.

I guess I should be glad to be the scapegoat of GR but that you all are trying to cook the scapegoat is not to any of your merits. It is so lame and so sorry and I am surprised that any of you can show your face on the forum. One day, normal people are going to join this forum and see through all the bs that you are writing to me.

It's a gang war! I guess they sent him to the hospital or something. Look, people who hang out on the same forum for years become friends and naturally don't like it when someone who is rarely participating shows up and starts insulting other members. It's a very simple principle. No conspiracy needed.
Tags: forum, forums, gr, gv, hare krishna

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