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22 February 2012 @ 12:16 pm
I confess I can't stop looking at the train wreck that is GR right now  
(GR=my old forum, Gaudiya Repercussions, under new management now)

Kalki, you persist in thinking that you and your many words are so important that everyone should spend hours of their time looking up old posts (to and from you) to validate your points. Not only that, but the two mods/admins should spend many unpaid hours discussing forum rules with you and putting up with your insulting them and name-calling, as if your wishes and needs supersede their need to have a life and enjoy some leisure time. You also seem to believe a forum should operate like a democracy or some utopian ideal. If mods debated every single moderating decision with members they would have no life. That is why we seem so (gasp) authoritarian to you. If you don't like it, you can leave with far more ease than moving out of a country that disregards your rights.

Btw, Kalki, since you saw fit to school Prisni, here's a little correction for you:

"both Dhyana and Tapati and Kali" there are three people listed so the word should not be "both"

Gotta love the way you can post two replies in a row, minutes apart, quoting the same text. It's like one of those late night tv commercials "But wait, there's more!"

You are very lucky I am not moderating now, Kalki. I don't care whether people think I am too authoritarian or not. The ladies are right, you've been behaving like a sexist jerk. Maybe you are not sexist in your private life, I don't know, but the way you've interacted with Prisni has been utterly sexist, xenophobic and deplorable.